Hawes Elementary School

Ridgewood, New Jersey

To comply with the Madden Law (N.J.S.A. 52:27D-130.4) “The Madden Bill”, P.L. 2007, and to maintain the construction schedule, LAN expedited soil and groundwater investigations, and designed an engineered cap and Deed Notice after discovering elevated PAH’s and pesticides during construction of the school addition.

Marion P. Thomas Charter School

Newark, New Jersey

LAN provides ongoing Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) of Record services and has performed environmental investigations and remediation to develop multiple abandoned Brownfield properties into an active new facility for the Marion P. Thomas Charter School.

West Orange Board of Education

West Orange, NJ

LAN provided ongoing LSRP services and has performed environmental engineering services, including preparing contract drawings, providing construction oversight, and performing site investigations, for the removal of underground storage tanks from multiple school facilities and the bus garage facility of the West Orange Board of Education.

Passaic County Department of Economic Development

Passaic County, NJ

LAN performed Preliminary Assessments and a Site Investigation for Brownfield properties under the EPA Brownfields Grant Program for the Passaic County Department of Economic Development Brownfields Assessment Program.

Park Avenue Elementary School

Orange, NJ

In preparation for the New Jersey Schools Development Authority (NJSDA) to expand the existing Park Avenue Elementary School, LAN performed site feasibility investigation services, prepared Preliminary Assessment and Hazardous Building Materials Reports and specifications to address the removal of several underground storage tanks and abatement of asbestos at six residential properties in Orange, New Jersey.

Number 25 Elementary School

Paterson, NJ

To assist the NJSDA with the demolition of the existing school and the development of the  new Number 25 Elementary School (Don Bosco) site in Paterson, New Jersey , LAN provides ongoing LSRP services that include site feasibility investigation services; prepared specifications for underground storage tank removals; provided construction oversight and soil sampling during the tank removals; conducted a remedial investigation of historic fill material; and prepared reports for submission to the NJDEP.